Freeride Camps 22/23

Freeride Expertise since 2005

Since 2005 we are committed to powder and freeriding, you can come freeriding with us, in small groups or private, until May!

Intermediate, Advanced & Pro Level Freeriding for snowboarders and skiers….

You don’t want to compromise on your powder days and just shred the best powder with our freeride guides? Our freeride camps will bring you together with expert guides and like-minded people who all share your passion for the mountains, powder, freeriding and freedom.


Whether you are a freeride beginner or experienced backcountry pro, skier or snowboarder, with or without touring equipment, during our Freeride trips you will get your money’s worth!

In January and March we will try to not leave out a single powder day.

We offer 2 x 5 days freeride adventure in 1 of the best Freeride areas of Switzerland.

Freeriding until your legs really burn… That’s how it should be. 

Most of the time we have we will spend freeriding, hikes we keep as short as necessary to enjoy as many and long powder descents as possible. Unless you sign up for the tour training where a few hundred altitude meters are not excluded. 


You can participate in a Freeride Camp if your stance is strong and confident and your energy lasts all day to be active on the mountain. Due to the spontaneity of the choice of area, you should at least have Advanced+ level on the slopes so that no one is faced with a unpleasent surprise.

If you are not sure if you are technically fit enough, you are welcome to participate in our Masterclasses Powder in Flumserberg. After that, we can assess and advise you properly.


On the basis of the registrations, we will compile a program with several options to choose from and fixed content for you. 5 Full days of variety is awaiting you. (programm will be subject to change)

Your guides are experts, mountain guides and freeride guides with years of experience at home and abroad.

In these 5 days you can expect endless freeride runs in the open alpine terrain, powder safety workshops, glacier techniques, freeride technique training, theory units, avalanche resque exercises and much more.

You have the opportunity to participate in different training sessions every day and with a little willingness to climb during ski tours//splitboard tours to discover many hidden, untouched powder faces in the (high) alpine terrain of the ski resorts.

For anyone who wants to dive deeper into the matter, we also have theoretical content on the program. We’ll show you how to organise yourself, provide you with the right background knowledge, so you can prepare yourself for backcountry adventures safely and confidently later on.

Knowledge is the best basis for a long freerider life. Only an old freerider is a good one!

Our guides are experts in all alpine disciplines and professionally teach you about the current standards and findings around Freeriding.

  • From the basics to the complexity of the snow, we provide you with our knowledge to be well prepared.
  • From the operation of the avalanche transceiver to correct digging and searching strategy and line choices, the basic and advanced techniques are taught in a practical way during our Freeride Camps.
Ski & Snowboard Freeride Camps


Without stress, riding together and having fun. Freeriding is not an individual sport, on the contrary, it is a buddy experience. Up the mountain together and at the end of the day back down together and healthy to look back on a successful day in the evening.


5 days. mountain guides & freeride guides
5 days. lift ticket
6 nights, 2-3 person bedrooms with breakfast


Avalanche safety – shovel, probe, avalanche transceiver. Safety equipment can be rented from us (reservation required).
Touring freeride skis with skins and crampons or splitboard with skinns and crampons.
Catering on the mountain, diner
On-site and round-trip transportation
Rescue costs, off-piste insurance 


Our Freeride Camps 22/23 take us to the breathtaking Upper Engadine around the Bernina group. Here you will find many Faces that are perfect for freeriding.

First tracks in fresh powder snow! Do you like to draw your own line in untouched faces or with love the adrenaline whilst descending steep gullies?

With the huge variety of variants and numerous freeride options, the Engadine is without a doubt one of the best freeride destinations in the Alps. Geographically also very special.. where the tectonic plates of Africa and Europe meet and where the shifts have formed the beautiful structures, that’s where we are going to be Freeriding. 

The Bernina group or usually just the Bernina is a mountain group in the central eastern Alps. The highest peak, the Piz Bernina, 4049 m above sea level, is the only four-thousander in the Eastern Alps.


The Bernina essentially consists of three T-shaped mountain ranges with peaks of more than 3900 m. The centerpiece of the “T” is the Piz Bernina itself, along with lower peaks bordering the north, such as the Piz Morteratsch and the Piz Boval.

The crossbar of the “T” is formed in the east mainly by Bellavista and Piz Palü, in the west mainly by the Piz Roseg. East of the Piz Bernina, the Val Morteratsch moves to the north, to the west – parallel to it – the Val Roseg. Beyond this central part of the Bernina, the peaks are consistently lower at about 3,300 – 3500 m.e


The Bernina is part of a lower eastern Alpine blanket, i.e. a plaice of crystal rock pushed up from more southern areas.

To the northwest of it and on the southern edge, the deeper Penninikum, pushed over by the Eastern Alps, is visible. To the west, it is connected by the Bergeller Alps, which are made of granite that has invaded the Penninikum. Geologically speaking, the Bernina thus forms the western end of the Eastern Alps.


Like almost all Alpine glaciers, the glaciers of the Bernina group are also affected by a large contraction in the context of global warming. All glaciers in the group have significantly lost length and mass in recent decades, especially since about 1990. For example, the Morteratsch glacier was shortened by about 2500 meters between 1900 and 2017.

Mountains higher than 3500 meters: Piz Bernina, 4049 m, Piz Zupò, 3996 m, Piz Scerscen, 3971 m, Piz Argient, 3945 m, Piz Roseg, 3937 m, Bellavista, 3922 m, Piz Palü, 3900 m, Crast’ Agüzza, 3854 m, Piz Morteratsch, 3751 m

Programm is subject to change

Get to know the Pros

We look forward to getting to know you during our freeride trips. An alliance with easily +100 years of experience!


Berber Semmelink

Owner & Founder, Trainer, Instructor, Ski Guide, Snowboard Guide, Educator, Freeride & Technique Specialist

Alex Hooftman

Trainer, Instructor, Freeride specialist


Lucas Swieykowski

Mountainguide, Instructor, Freeride & Technique Specialist


Sjoerd Remmelink

Trainer, Instructor, Ski Guide, Snowboard Guide, Educator, Freeride & Technique Specialist